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Birda’s top features


Log your sightings and Build your List


No Expensive Kit Needed

Birda turns every iPhone into an intuitive yet powerful tool for logging the birds you see – whether you know what they are or not. The interface is user-friendly for casual backyard bird admirers and serious birdwatchers alike.


You can either log each bird you spot one at a time as you see it or log multiple bird sightings as part of a longer birding session.

Track your progress by building lists of all the species you’ve spotted.




Curate Your Bird Collections

Rather than filing all your bird sightings on one ‘all-time’ life list, Birda generates sub-level lists based on time and geographic location. For example, you can see a breakdown of each sighting you’ve logged over the last month or year and where you saw it.


You can also have a ‘home list’. Birda will automatically add the sightings you log within a radius of 500m around your home to this list. This privacy zone means the exact location of sightings at, or close to, your home are hidden to everyone except you.



Connect with Nature, Share with The Community

Discover a Whole New World

Get to know the wonderful world of birdlife all around you with Birda’s location-aware species lists. When you add a sighting record, the species list Birda shows you only contains the birds that have been seen in your general location (a +/-60km radius around you). This makes it simple to find the correct species and avoid confusing similar ones.


More advanced birders can choose the taxonomy they’d prefer to use. Birda includes the IOC, Clements and Birdlife taxonomies and will assign one to you automatically based on your country, but you can change this in your settings

Share Your Birding Adventures

The heartbeat of Birda is its nature-loving community. Your flock will be there for you.


If you don’t know which species you’ve seen, simply post a picture of it and flag it as ‘unidentified’. When you do this, your followers are notified and asked to help with identifying what you’ve seen. Have fun watching the votes fly in for various species before accepting the suggestion you think best fits your feathered friend.


Make birding even more fun by keeping an eye on what your friends, family, or followers have spotted. Compete to collect species and unlock achievements.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Disconnect from the rat race and reconnect with nature completely by using Birda offline. Use offline mode in remote places where no signal is available or choose to turn your connection off anywhere. Some components will be unavailable offline but will reappear as soon as you are online again.



Compete, Achieve, Conserve


Get Happy with Healthy Competition

Have fun competing with your Birda followers within the app to collect observations and see how many species you can spot.


Why not compete in person too? Get outdoors with friends, family, or members of the Birda community. Enjoy time in the natural world together and log as many sightings as you can.


Birda is also great for teams, brand building, and community outreach. Encourage connection and competition between colleagues or companies. Create customised challenges for your brand. See our Birda for Business page for more info.

Achieve and Protect

In Birda, you can earn individual badges for specific goals and species, compete with your followers to see who can stay at the top of the leader board, and participate in local and national birdwatching challenges.


All the while, you’ll be helping conservationists protect a myriad of bird species. Anonymous combined logs from the app can be used by scientists and environmental protection organisations to create a picture of species movement. This will help to put the proper measures in place to support and safeguard them.


You’ll also find local conservation activities to join and projects to donate to through the app.


Connect with nature and be part of a caring community.

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